Achieving the ultimate orgasm with a dual-use wand vibrator.


Choosing a vibrator

In the world of adult toys, vibrators are just about…well, everywhere. So what sets them apart? How to sort between the good, the bad and the ugly?

When choosing the right vibrator for yourself, it’s important to know what you’re looking for and the benefits of the toy that you are seeking. Is it just G-spot stimulation or are you desiring a penetration that sends those vibrations deeper into your body? Since everyone’s personal preferences are different, simply reading someone’s rave review of the latest thing to hit the market, is not necessary such a good idea. And that’s why this article comes in handy, as we think we’ve got just the thing for you.

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Are you ready to take things further with a vibrating prostate massager?

For most men, the idea of inserting a sex toy into their anus is something that is off-limits, something that’s conjures up horrifying images in their minds…the unthinkable!


However, if a man can get over this first hurdle, he can open up his world….as well as his anus, to a whole new concept of sexual pleasure. And not just pleasure either; we’re talking about health benefits here too.

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Everything You Need (and Want) to Know About Condoms

The Ultimate Guide to Condoms

There are plenty of contraception options out there, but none of them comes close to the best, oldest, and most effective of them all: Condoms.

Most are familiar with the omnipresent Trojan condom, but it’s not the be-all-end-all. There are female condoms, male condoms, expensive condoms, free condoms, latex condoms and even lambskin condoms. That last one isn’t even the weirdest!

For all of their practicality and use, there still hasn’t been a definitive one-stop-shop for all things condom. Likely, that’s due to the notion that there’s not much to know.

I tend to disagree, and so will you.

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How to Use Kegel Weights for Beginners

In sex and physical beauty, tight is often associated with good. Loose, bad.

Whether from a pregnancy or the normal aging process, women’s vaginas can become “loose.”

For men, prostate issues can render their pelvic muscles weak.

For some, this isn’t an issue and nothing to make a fuss about. But for many, this is a source of self-consciousness that eats at them.

Fortunately, there is a time tested, scientifically proven remedy. For men and women.

Enter kegel balls… or… vaginal weightlifting.

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How to Have Multiple Male Orgasms in 6 Easy Steps

Who loves sex more, men or women? Well, that answer depends… has the man trained himself to have male multiple orgasms?

Yes– men can have multiple orgasms; they can feel that pleasure they’ve heard about only in muted whispers; and they can do it all safely. Best of all, the way forward is found within this single article.

So read on, and unlock the awesome pleasure power of the male multiple orgasm today.

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Are Sex Toys a Life Changing Cure to Postpartum Depression?

Imagine having sex… the holy grail of human pleasure… and feeling nothing.

Millions of postpartum women don’t have to imagine. They live it. It’s one of the many side-effects to a condition many women face after pregnancy: postpartum depression.

And it’s not just sex that loses pleasure. It’s everything. It’s the inability to enjoy the most basic of life’s pleasures.

Things that used to be exhilarating are now bland. A fun, bonding night out turns into a numb, pointless waste of time. A movie that used to bring feelings of contentment, or even evoke tears… is a 90-minute eyesore. Why bother?

As many as one in five women develop symptoms of depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, bipolar disorder, sexual dysfunction or a combination. These conditions following a pregnancy amount to what’s called postpartum depression (PPD). Some cases are mild and take care of themselves without any form of treatment.

Yet some sufferers are plagued by the condition for years. To make matters worse, predicting who is likely to develop PPD is difficult, if not impossible. Some women develop the condition without ever showing signs of predisposition. Worse still, some PPD problems persist after all others disappear.

For many men and women, sexual issues are a persistent and troubling problem that comes along with PPD, sometimes sticking around long after the major symptoms are gone—and sex toys may be a big step towards fixing that.

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What Sex Toy Parties Are Really Like (And How To Host One)

There’s a typical male (and female) fantasy that comes to mind regarding pleasure parties. A room full of women and sex toys, which obviously ends in only one way. They get naked and start using the toys on each other. The sounds of orgasms and moaning shake the walls…

You get the picture. But let’s not get too carried away. This is the fantasy about sex toy parties, that they’re really lusty female orgies in disguise. The reality is that passion parties are much more serious — seriously fun and educational.

Guys get all the credit. Men are reputable for constantly talking about sex, but women are talking about it too! Any good girl’s night involves a lengthy discussion about recent rendezvous and sex woes.

Which is why sex toy parties are such a hit with a growing amount of women. Some of you may be saying, “well, my Mary Kay and Tupperware parties are just as fun,” but I challenge you on that.

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