Achieving the ultimate orgasm with a dual-use wand vibrator.


Choosing a vibrator

In the world of adult toys, vibrators are just about…well, everywhere. So what sets them apart? How to sort between the good, the bad and the ugly?

When choosing the right vibrator for yourself, it’s important to know what you’re looking for and the benefits of the toy that you are seeking. Is it just G-spot stimulation or are you desiring a penetration that sends those vibrations deeper into your body? Since everyone’s personal preferences are different, simply reading someone’s rave review of the latest thing to hit the market, is not necessary such a good idea. And that’s why this article comes in handy, as we think we’ve got just the thing for you.

Why a wand vibrator?

So why a wand vibrator, and in particular, why a dual-use vibrator? With this kind of vibrator you really do get the best of both worlds that put you in a heaven of pleasure every time you use it. That’s right – a heaven of pleasure. We use that choice of words because that’s exactly what you get. The product in question here is the Lyps Magic Wand. Whether it is G-spot stimulation you’re looking for or a deeper vibrating penetration, the powerful vibration of the Lyps Magic Wand will send you into orgasm ecstasy. How? Read on…

There are 10 vibration patterns each with 7 speeds to offer an unlimited variety of new experiences, and this is why this type of wand of massager is probably the only vibrator you would need. Whether you desire a full-on hard and fast vibration, or simply a gentle tease, with this toy you get it.

The only one you need

We love this toy because of its double vibration feature. You can use one end for intense G-spot stimulation, and the other end for deeper vaginal penetration sending those orgasmic shivers all the way through your body, climaxing in the ultimate orgasm. We also love the super-smooth feeling this toy has; it’s like touching silk and it’s very comfortable to use. That, and the choice and strength of vibration patterns it has to offer make it simply an amazing companion to enjoy in the privacy of your bedroom or bathroom.


Thank you for choosing Lyps.


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