How to Have Multiple Male Orgasms in 6 Easy Steps

Who loves sex more, men or women? Well, that answer depends… has the man trained himself to have male multiple orgasms?

Yes– men can have multiple orgasms; they can feel that pleasure they’ve heard about only in muted whispers; and they can do it all safely. Best of all, the way forward is found within this single article.

So read on, and unlock the awesome pleasure power of the male multiple orgasm today.

Multiple Orgasms in Men: Is It Even Worth the Hassle?

In short: Yes. But the short version isn’t what matters. What matters is the long version.

Most males are accustomed to the short burst of euphoria from an average orgasm, but would be surprised to learn just how short it really is.

With all the different convulsions and build ups added together before the climactic release, and adding the spasms afterward, a man will orgasm for 30-90 seconds. But when that number is cut down to only the immediate build up and ejaculation – a.k.a. the good part – it’s about 5-15 seconds. And think of the amount of work it took to get there!

Of course, this short time period wouldn’t be a problem if it could be achieved over and over again without pause. There’s something stopping this, however, and it is called the ‘refractory period’: The time it takes for your body to recuperate before it’s ready to have another orgasm.

The refractory period requires an annoying 30 minutes on average before your body gives you the go-ahead to race towards another 10 seconds of bliss. If you’re 70 or older, that wait time skyrockets to 20 hours.

This is why women can have multiple orgasms one after another: They have no refractory period.

So it’s just a matter of men getting around the refractory period, then … right?

Not entirely.

Men Having Multiple Orgasms: The Science

As it turns out, men aren’t too keen on going down to a University laboratory and ejaculating in front of two doctors, a camera, and a release form – even when all those things are out of projectile range. Due to this, there wasn’t much data on multiple male orgasms.

But a lone trooper took one or two or three for the team at Rutger’s University in 1995. In total, the man had six full orgasms within 36 minutes. Meaning, this man’s refractory period was a mere six minutes long.

None of this would have been very noteworthy were it not for another peculiar ability specific to this one man. Usually, a body-chemical called prolactin is released in higher amounts during orgasm – but not for him.

Prolactin is one of two major chemicals that trigger the refractory period. When released, it holds back dopamine, the chemical responsible for arousal. The thing is, physical arousal is only necessary for traditional stimulation. This is why circumventing ejaculation is key to having multiple orgasms. It will reduce the refractory period drastically. At least six minutes, if memory serves. (Thanks, trooper.)

But if you follow this all the way through, the refractory period can be cut down to nothing.

So, Can Men Have Multiple Orgasms?

Yes. In fact, most men already have had multiple orgasms. Four, in fact – but you can only have one at a time. And you must avoid all but one in order to achieve back-to-back bliss.

The one men are used to use the Ejaculatory Orgasm. Which is exactly as its name suggests.

The other (better) three are:

  1. Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm (NEOs)
  2. Prolonged/Peaking Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm (PNEOs)
  3. Prostate Orgasm (POs)

How do they differ from the regular, boring one you’re used to?

  1. They feel more intense.
  2. No refractory period. You can orgasm again and again without having to cool down.
  3. They are all much longer, with the longest one coming in at 10 minutes (PNEO)

It is important to remember the reason we have orgasms in the first place, which is to reproduce. The feeling of an orgasm and ejaculation seem intertwined. In reality, ejaculation happens shortly before the feeling of an orgasm to ensure that men keep thrusting during the release of sperm.

That’s the key. Orgasms and ejaculation are separate things.

And you can separate them, skip the refractory period, and do it all over again. The key to doing this is practice. If your body was already hardwired to perform this without some effort, humans would be doing it nonstop. However, toys do help with the process and will be touched on in a moment.

Just two things to note.

  1. Sometimes you just have to let your body do what it wants. Your body will tell you when it’s time to stop (a slight aching in the testicles, pelvis, or nearby region). If you ignore this obvious warning for months on end and keep going, you will put yourself in danger down the road. Take a break and try again after you’re rested. No big deal.
  2. It may take up to two weeks to fully get the hang of it. For some, it could be much less.

With all these things in mind, let’s begin.

How to Get a Multiple Orgasm, Step One: Self-Control

Though different for every man, all have a certain degree of ability to control when they ejaculate. First and foremost, you must gain as much control as one possibly can.

How? Rather simple. Just don’t climax. Oh, and you’ll need to keep that in mind after ten minutes of masturbating, at least, without pausing or stopping and restarting. Going slow isn’t cheating, but stopping is. Moving to a less sensitive area is fine as well. Just don’t stop for at least ten minutes. And make sure you can replicate your masturbation mastery.

This is necessary to ensure that you can physically and mentally handle doing this while actually having an orgasm later on. Practice makes perfect.

Step Two: Kegel Exercise, A Different Kind of Control

A muscle, which has a name that is entirely too long, will be called the PC muscle for this article. It is located between the testicles and anus.

You know it. It’s is the one you use to cut off the urine stream. It’s the one you feel convulsing and contracting during an orgasm, too.

It’s also the one that allows you to keep from orgasming.

During an orgasm, this muscle starts to spasm. That expanding and contracting of the PC muscle is what pumps out sperm, causing ejaculation. And it’s the muscle that you must have control over in order to stop it from releasing when you don’t want it to.

If this muscle is exercised and made strong enough, you will be able to pull yourself back from the brink of even the most extreme ejaculation you’ve ever felt. How? Think back for a moment to the last orgasm you had.

There’s a warm feeling of pressure buildup but the PC muscle isn’t moving. The moment feels close. The PC muscle is flexed now, and then flexed a lot, and then it starts convulsing just a moment after you start feeling an orgasm (and then there’s a mess to clean up).

In the same way that the PC muscle can cut off a urine stream, it can cut off ejaculation while keeping the orgasm intact.

To get your PC muscle all toned up, you’ll need to do Kegel exercises. There’s an app for that, actually. Here’s one for iOS. Here’s one for Android.

Step Three: Practice is Required

So, you’ve made it. You can masturbate for ten minutes or longer without succumbing (wink, wink). Your PC muscle is stronger than ever. You’ve identified when and how that muscle moves during an orgasm. You can move away from sensitive areas down to less sensitive areas to maintain stimulation while masturbating.

I don’t believe you. But seriously, you must be sure of it. Here’s exactly how you should practice.

  1. Set aside some time – at least 15 minutes every night. It’s important to be consistent with this, too.
  2. Go for your ten minutes, get near climax, and then stop, and then start back up when you think you can handle it, and then stop again. This is called “edging.”
  3. No porn.

I know, step three sounds impossible. But it’s necessary (for some) so that you don’t break focus on your task.

And if you really want to supercharge your practice, get faster results, and feel a hell of a lot better while practicing as well … use this.

It’s called a “please enhancer” or “cock ring.” For you, it would be used to make the PC muscle contractions obvious due to the slight pressure difference you’ll feel in that area. As long as you keep your practice sessions 15-20 minutes long, which you should, you won’t even notice it.

In addition, it just feels better. Win-win situation.

Do steps one through three for as long as possible until you think you have the hang of it (should take about a week). There is a very helpful article on how to do this masterfully using the “STAB” technique developed by Nate Eliason, here:

  • Squeeze: Squeeze your PC muscles HARD like you’re doing an intense Kegel. Hold for at least 10 seconds, but the longer you can hold the more you’ll come down. (A few shorter holds, or a bunch of 1 second ones can work too)
  • Think: Think about something else
  • Avoid: Change your stroke (avoid the head) instead of stopping entirely
  • Breathe: Take deep, diaphragmatic (with your stomach) breath

When absolutely sure that you’re ready, move on to …

Step Four: Almost There

With all this practice, you will be able to not only tell the difference between ejaculation and orgasm but separate them manually.

Keep yourself near the point of climax until it feels impossible to stop it. Then, flex your PC muscle with all your strength for the duration of what’s about to happen next.

You will feel the usual build up just before ejaculation. After that, there will be a few twitches that come with ejaculating, but you will not release anywhere near the amount of semen as you would normally. A moment after that, the orgasm begins.

At this point you will be able to feel the control you have over your orgasm.

All that leaves is …

Step Five: Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm Achieved

Now that you know exactly how it feels, becoming the Multiple Orgasm Man is within your grasp.

There’s no trick to this part. It’s all about timing.

Stopping too early?

Don’t fret. Just work yourself back up again.

Stopping to late?

You’re back to boring, old normal-orgasm town. And you’re the mayor. (This is the least likely scenario considering the strength of your PC muscle.)

“Did I …? Is it about to … ? Whoa!”

Yes, you did. And yes, that was an orgasm with no ejaculation. Once you collect yourself and calm down, you will become very aware of that refractory period from earlier. More specifically, you don’t have one. So long as there is no ejaculation, there will be no refractory period.


… but don’t stop there.

Step Six: More Intense, Multiple Orgasms

As with the rest of this process, once you come to this stage there is another thing to keep in mind and/or practice. It will get better and better with time. With more fine tuning and dedication, you will know exactly when to flex and hold the PC muscle without fail, repeatedly, back-to-back.

“But it doesn’t feel the same,” some might say. “I thought that it would feel like that millisecond of explosive pleasure from a normal orgasm but over a longer period of time!” Well, you can come close. But first …

Please note: Unfortunately for this guy, the author of a certain popular book didn’t warn him about muscle cramps and he let it go on for months. Don’t be that guy. Listen to your body. “Before you decide to alter the mind and body’s natural response to sexual stimuli, tread carefully. And if you notice any warning signs, stop immediately.” – That Guy.

The reason we only feel that condensed and intense ecstasy for a millisecond during regular orgasm is that your body doesn’t want to flood you with too much dopamine and other pleasure chemicals. They just aren’t necessary. That ultra-intense feeling just isn’t possible to sustain – but you can get very, very close, and even extend it for minutes on end.

Step Seven: Multiple Orgasms For Men and Women

A regular male orgasm could be likened to a champagne bottle being uncorked. The pressure builds until it shoots the cork and fluids out like a rocket, only to become slower and less powerful until coming to a full stop.

For women, things are much different.

Along with your lack of a refractory period, you don’t have that powerful explosion anymore. What you’re feeling is more similar to the orgasm women feel.

Well, sort of.

For them, an orgasm feels like a pot on the stove as water bubbles and boils over the top until it spills over. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Fortunately for you, you have a prostate. Also fortunately for you, we have this thing.

This is called the Lyps Neptune Erection Enhancing Cock Ring & Butt Plug Combo (1.6 Ounce).

To achieve the maximum pleasure possible, all you need to do is add Neptune to your practice. Now, this is another topic that will be expanded upon. But to give you the short version:

Prostate stimulation, when combined with the method outlined above, will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It will make you ejaculate earlier than you’d like using this method, especially if you’re used to 5-10 minutes. But knocking off a minute or two is well worth it – the Toy more than makes up for that loss with intensity of pleasure.

The Neptune will really help you feel the areas in your body you need to gain mastery over to have multiple orgasms. And it makes practicing feel amazing. Also– if you wear Neptune during intercourse, you’ll have longer, thicker, longer lasting erections, improved performance, and far more pleasure when you orgasm (one time or more!).

If you practice the steps in this article, you will experience multiple male orgasms.

And if you found this article interesting, or know someone who could benefit from reading it, please share it. We also want to hear about your experiences with multiple male orgasms, so leave me a comment below with thoughts/questions/stories.

Goodbye refractory periods … hello total, controlled pleasure.

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  1. This morning my new girlfriend gave me oral sex for the first time in our relationship. And what she did to me changed my life lol, and is actually what brought me to here to try an learn what she did to me lol.
    So from the start through till i was getting close to climaxing normally, it was your standard but good blow job. I told her i was getting close because it was her first time for me, i wasnt sure if she was going to swallow or not. When i warned her she immediatly switched her technique to rapid gentle small suction and to gue flicking directly on the tip and she did that till i started orgasming. Like halfway through the orgasm she pulled it out an watched it finish ejaculating. The exact moment that i stopped she immediatly started doing the same stimulation directly to the tip again but this time like a fraction of a second after she started my orgasm sensation instantly turned into some sort of super intense full body orgasmicish electric shock that just surged through every part of me head to toe. My arms and legs an neck an back all tensed up and i couldnt move. I was unctrollably squealing lol. I had no idea what was happening. I felt the sensation start to ease up ever so slightly and right as i noticed that, i felt her still doing the same thing to the tip, then zang it happened again and even stronger and longer the 2nd time. My body locked up again as the pleasure lightning surged through me. Then she let it stop and was just gently touching it now and even the gentle touches were making nerve signals go crazy or something because it was more sensitive than i have ever felt in my life. It was almost unbearable it was so sensitive. As soon as i regained control over my body again i immediatly said, “WHAT THE *@!# was that? What did you just do to me?”
    She started dying of laughter lol. She called it a tantric orgasm. She described what she did to do it. So i went to the internet to learn more lol. Almost everything i found was telling me that what i experienced was impossible. Many articles say that male mutli orgasms are a myth and that it is impossible to stimulate the penis during the refactoring period. This girl proved both those wrong un one sitting. And if you research anything tantric, they dont really tell you anything that is useful info on how to actually do anything. They just say a bunch of hippy dippy mumbo jumbo chakra nonsense. This chick didnt need any chakras or anything lol it was all instantaneous damn near so no time for anything special. Whatever she did to do it was quick and effective, like hitting a button. I kept trying to researching and finally i found your page here and i seen your explanation of the prolonged non ejac orgasm and how it is achieved. So basically this chick took your technique and modified it to where she can do it to guys and shock/suprise the crap out of them lol. So there you go people. You dont even have to do all the self perfection of masterbation to enjoy these. If you got a girlfriend or a wife willing to practice somethin new, she can manually force you into it. My girlfriend was able to stretch them out for long durations and manually induce consecutive ones as she saw fit. I dont know exactly how she did that, i assume practice lol. And there was no weaking in the orgasms either. Each one was more intense. I dont know how this information isnt more well known. Before this morning i didnt even know such things were even possible. Ive never met another woman before who knew how to do this, ive never met another man who has said he has had this happen before. Im fascinated with it now, i want to learn an experience more lol.

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