Are you ready to take things further with a vibrating prostate massager?

For most men, the idea of inserting a sex toy into their anus is something that is off-limits, something that’s conjures up horrifying images in their minds…the unthinkable!


However, if a man can get over this first hurdle, he can open up his world….as well as his anus, to a whole new concept of sexual pleasure. And not just pleasure either; we’re talking about health benefits here too.

Your prostate


We’ll touch on the benefits in a moment, but first, a little about your prostate.  You’re probably wondering where is my prostate gland and how do I access it to stimulate it. The prostate is located between the scrotum and the anus. It is what releases the semen when you ejaculate. It’s about 2-3 inches inside the rectum and whilst you can use fingers to stimulate it, it can be hard work and a lot guys are uncomfortable about inserting fingers into their anus. Plus, stimulation by fingers alone will result in minimal pleasure when compared to using other means. This is where toys come into play, specifically vibrating prostate massagers.

What is it?


The Lyps Caesar is a combination of a vibrating massager and a cock ring. Of course, there are prostate massagers and cock ring combos that don’t vibrate, but these don’t get close to kind of enjoyment and stimulation that a vibrating massager can bring. The Caesar is king when it comes to super-intense stimulation through vibration. There are 10 vibration patterns — starting off with the low speed for a more gentle, soothing stimulation — right up to the orgasmic setting for the kind stimulation that will give you an orgasm you will never forget. At the same time, the cock ring function will have you harder and bigger than you’ve ever been for an explosive ejaculation.



So pleasure aside, there is a health benefit to using a prostate massager and it’s that it can help with erectile dysfunction. Now I know most men reading this will be thinking…”I don’t have any problem getting a hard-on”. But the point here is that even if you don’t suffer any erectile dysfunction, at the very least the Lyps Caesar is going to bring a fuller, harder erection than what you can get without using any device. It’s usually men who are advanced in years that may suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction.


How it works


Now the Lyps Caesar is going to work in two ways to help you achieve a harder erection. Firstly, when pressure and vibration is applied to the prostate, it stimulates it, which in turn encourages blood flow to the penis encouraging an erection. The cock ring helps to reinforce this by restricting the blood flow that’s being pumped into the penis from coming out. The result is the best hard-on you’ve ever had.

How to use it


The key here is to use lube…a lot of lube. This is especially true for men that have never inserted a sex toy into their anus before. Lube up and slide it gently in. Once you’re comfortable with it in there, you can turn on the vibration function. The great thing about the Lyps Caesar is that there are 10 vibration patterns to choose from. You can start off on the low setting if you’re new to this. This will provide you with gentle, slow stimulation. If you feel ready, work your way up to the stronger Orgasmic setting. This is going to send a lot of pleasure waves through the region, building up to one explosive orgasm!


Thank you for choosing Lyps!

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