Flared Vibrating Butt Plug – Waterproof With 10 Frequency For Powerful

Flared Vibrating Butt Plug – Waterproof With 10 Frequency For Powerful

$24.99 $12.99

  • Explosive earth shattering Orgasms
  • FDA approved body safe silicone
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  • Every enthusiast of anal pleasure knows that butt plugs are a powerful aid to experiencing a mind-blowing orgasm. But when it comes to arriving at the peak of pleasure, no toy does it better than the Pandora Chargeable Flared Butt Plug. Best believe, the Pandora is fully capable of getting you hooked and coming back for more.

    The Pandora is a fully competent, rechargeable butt plug. It only takes a short time to fully charge. When reached at its full capacity, it can have you wrapped around its imaginary finger for several hours. Comes with a handy USB charger, too!

    Like many of Lyps adult pleasure toys, the Pandora Chargeable Flared Butt Plug has the standard 10 speed frequency capacity. So if you’re a beginner that wants to take things slow, you can put it on the lightest speed and still experience immense pleasure. However, for the more experienced, feel free to indulge in the realms of 8-10 for maximum anal bliss.

    This chargeable butt plug is also 100% waterproof. Pandora is also made from 100% FDA approved silicone that doctors are required by the law to use with their patients. This same silicone also prevents the contraction of foul odors so you can always guarantee an odorless experience! So if you wanted to take the fun from the bedroom to the bathtub or shower, you can do so without the fear of permanently ruining your soon-to-be favorite sex toy in your collection.

    Plus, you never have to worry about risking your privacy or discretion. The Pandora will be sent to you in an ordinary, unmarked package and also comes with a sultry drawstring bag that’s convenient for discreet places in your bedroom.

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